Chandler Riggs Just Dropped His First Electronic Music Single


“Hold on, just hit 100k on Soundcloud. Thank you,” wrote actor Chandler Riggs. “I have so many more exciting things to show you. Also, shout out to the person that listened to it 103 times between December 14th and 15th.”

The actor better known as Carl Grimes earlier announced that he had spent “over a year” working on a musical project. The collaboration hit the Internet earlier this month. The song “Hold On” is available on SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

The young actor will put his DJ skills to use and pour more of his time in music since he’s likely leaving The Walking Dead.

Chandler Riggs Releases ‘Eclipse’ For Fans

The song “Eclipse” almost starts out with open waves and then sounds like the beginning of a futuristic movie. The song which features Lullaby has been described as “proper chilled” and that resembles Owl City.

The electronica song is getting attention thanks to Chandler Riggs popularity from his acting work. The project reminds us of other actors turned DJs like Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Angel Elgort (Baby Driver), and Ruby Rose (John Wick 2).

Perhaps Chandler Riggs will write a song to symbolize the death of Carl Grimes.

The Final Moments With Carl Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Right now, Carl Grimes appears to be on his way out. Creator Robert Kirkman continues to deny whether or not Carl will die, but director Greg Nicotero has said the first twenty minutes will bring tears to your eyes.

More than likely, the Alexandrians will come out from the sewer and try to save what’s left of the Alexandria. After they put out a few fires and kill a few walkers, they will head over to Hilltop to unite with Maggie.

It’s unclear if Carl Grimes will even survive that long to see Maggie again. Based on the trailer, he’ll be saying his goodbyes to his dad and Michonne. There will also likely be a touching moment with Judith.

Based on the trailer, there’s also going to be a moment where we see Carl Grimes with Saddiq. This shot appears to be from the past. One scene shows the duo discovering the sewer. Another shows Carl Grimes seeing the bite on his chest.

What did you think of Chandler Riggs first single?

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