New The Walking Dead Commercials Poke Fun At The Winter Olympics


Back in 2016, The Walking Dead slammed the Super Bowl with a Lucille-crushing-football ad and now they’re at it again with a Winter Olympics ad. The zombie drama wants everyone to know the return is right around the corner.

During the 2016 game, an ad came on that showed a close-up of an NFL-regulation ball on the field. As the camera pushed in, there were crickets in the background. Suddenly, Negan’s bat Lucille brushed the ball into the dirt.

“Football season is over,” read the advertisement. Now, they’re at it again.

Walking Dead Reminds Fans Of February Return

“Admit it. You don’t know the name of one person on the U.S. curling team,” began the advertisement. “But you do know the name of Negan’s bat. When the games are over, get back to what you love.”

The quick spot doesn’t showcase any details from the show, likely because most fans are already caught up on new trailers, promotional art, and more. Instead, they poke fun at the games and reminds fans to return to AMC on February 25th.

In the next spot, they talk about “the difference between Super G and Giant Slalom…”

Forget Triple Axes, It’s Almost Walker Season

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The second of the three spots shows a little more info about the new season and then subtlety tells fans about the battle between Hilltop and the Sanctuary. Then, they move on to iconic character Daryl Dixon and his rocket launcher.

“Admit it, you don’t know what failing to land a triple axel does to a score, but you do know what damage Daryl can do with a rocket launcher,” said the final ad. The footage from this promo was actually from a couple seasons back.

Ironically, this is the first group of Saviors annihilated by Daryl Dixon. In the end, AMC’s marketing department decided to have some fun with the games. They wanted to highlight the big event but remind fans of the next great TV battle.

On February 25, we’ll finally figure out what’s going on with Carl Grimes, see the troops gather at Hilltop, and find out how Negan deals with his disgruntled workers.

What did you think of these hilarious ads from The Walking Dead?

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