Both The Walking Dead And ‘Vikings’ Have THIS Same Problem


At one point, The Walking Dead was the television show to watch. While there are loyal fans that will never abandon the show, others have jumped ship for an array of reasons. Surprisingly, the History Channel series Vikings has had similar problems.

The current problem for both shows is a charismatic villain that the creators seem scared to kill off. On Vikings, Ivar is a sadistic and cruel leader, which mirrors Negan on The Walking Dead (Negan is actually more redemptive than Ivar).

But, lots of fans are tired of seeing Negan. So to make him better, they’re either going to need to reveal his entire backstory or cut him loose.

The Walking Dead Is In A Medieval Mess

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The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Next, both shows are lacking in dramatic dialogue. The Walking Dead used to be one of the best-written shows on television. Part of the reason for this “bad” dialogue comes from weak or unexplained plot points.

Some of the worst conversations on Dead lately have been between Maggie, Gregory, and Jesus. There’s been some drama that played out well, but there could have been a lot less back and forth.

Season 5 of Vikings also dragged on a snail’s pace, but this is also because both shows are struggling to get from Point A to Point B in recent seasons.

Writing Characters Into A Corner

Vikings | Photo Credit History

Finally, and worst of all, both shows are mistreating their leads. If The Walking Dead isn’t killing someone off, then they’re writing them into a corner. Rick Grimes had more bad ideas in the past two seasons than anyone else combined.

It didn’t make any sense for Rick Grimes to go back to the Heapsters (also true for Aaron/Enid and Oceanside). Obviously, this is even more true with Carl Grimes, who likely won’t live to see Season 9 of the show.

The Walking Dead has killed off most of their interesting characters, which includes Glenn, Abraham, Sasha, and now Carl Grimes. Likewise, Vikings’ Bjorn has shifted to being someone fans used to love to someone they hate.

“As soon as I started my research, I realized that all of the information that I had on the Vikings was where they were ‘the other.’ They were always a dark force that would break down your door at night, rape your wife, and steal your treasure,” said Vikings creator Michael Hirst.

In the end, both dark shows need to look back at their early seasons to turn things around and get fans back on board.

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