Is The Walking Dead: The Movie Coming Soon To A Theater Near You?


We all love The Walking Dead on AMC, but what if the roles were recast for a big screen movie adaptation of the comic book?

Coming to a Big Screen Near You?

The Walking Dead has been the number one show on television for several years now. Could it also conquer the big screen?

One idea that fans have bandied about for the past few years is the idea of a Walking Dead movie. The best idea is that the show could conclude with a movie, (if and when it ever ends). Or a movie could arrive between seasons to showcase major events in the storyline.

So far, there’s been no indication that producers are considering either idea. It would also be fairly unprecedented.

Two Sci-Fi Examples

The X-Files: Fight the Future
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

When Star Trek: The Next Generation, finished production in 1994, the cast and crew took only a ten day break before filming began on Star Trek Generations. Although it wasn’t technically conceived as a series-ending movie, it did essentially serve that purpose. The same cast, sets, wardrobe, and props were used in the movie. With the Enterprise destroyed at the movie’s end, and the production design receiving a complete overhaul for the next movie, it did signal the end of an era, nonetheless.

In 1998, 20th Century Fox released the first X-Files movie, The X-Files: Fight the Future. The movie took place between the show’s fifth and sixth seasons and was filmed the summer prior. It still stands as the only real example of an ongoing television series featuring a movie while the show was still in production.

A Big Budget Walking Dead

The Walking Dead could follow that same example. Imagine if the final standoff against the Governor at the prison had actually been a movie. A higher budget and lack of restraint could have actually made that story point even more epic. The same could happen again in the upcoming war against Negan.

The Walking Dead 2.0

Another, less popular idea, is that The Walking Dead could simply be remade as a movie. As long as the TV show remains on the air, that seems unlikely though. Showrunner Scott Gimple, does think it will happen eventually.

“That question comes up every now and again,” Gimple said. “I’m sure one way or another, one day, it’ll happen. I think it would be cool.”

“William Shatner as Rick. We’ll get Edward James Olmos as Daryl. Hit all the big shows!” Gimple joked about a potential reboot on the big screen. “Matthew Fox as the Governor!”

Okay, Shatner and Olmos are clearly ridiculous casting choices. Matthew Fox, though? That could work…


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