This Finale Shocker Makes Us HUGELY Rethink The Old Man Rick Theory


Based on the surprising shock ending for Season 8 of The Walking Dead, we’re scratching our heads about the Old Man Rick premiere. Why is Carl Grimes there if he’s been bitten in the finale?

The non-linear storytelling in the last two seasons of The Walking Dead have made things somewhat confusing for audiences. Fans can’t tell what is going on and when it is supposed to be happening.

In addition, the flash-forwards, daydreams, and visions are even more confusing.

The Truth About The Old Man Rick Vision

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

Rick Grimes has two visions that are truly confusing for audiences of the show. In the first, Rick Grimes sees a future with Glenn Rhee, Abraham Ford and everyone else where they can share a meal together.

This vision occurred while Negan was getting the best of him in the Season 7 premiere. While Negan beat up Rick Grimes and made him go out in a herd of walkers, he still managed to spend some time daydreaming of a non-future.

But the two visions are different this time around.

Wait, But What If Carl Grimes Doesn’t…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In the Old Man Rick scenario, the vision is blurry. In the dinner sequence, the vision is clear. The difference made us believe that the blurry vision was potentially a look into the future of the show.

Since we know that the Glenn Rhee dinner party could never have happened, we were led to believe one was real and the other was not real. Now, we’re scratching our heads again, wondering why Carl Grimes is in this vision.

The Old Man Rick scenario comes from the comic book, so it should happen at some point on the show. But Carl Grimes does not die in the comic book. Assuming there’s no error here, that could tell us one other small truth.

Perhaps Carl Grimes isn’t going to die after all. Like Glenn Rhee, Carl Grimes has had some fake deaths in the past. The boy has been shot twice, kidnapped, and attacked, but still lived to tell the tale.

The only way Carl Grimes could survive is that he is either immune to walker bites or that’s no walker bite.

Do you think this bite actually came from one of the Whisperers?

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