Did The Walking Dead Just Slowly Set Up THIS Storyline… [SPOILER]


Over the past few episodes, you’ve probably noticed a few new walkers on The Walking Dead. Aside from the thousand walkers surrounding the Sanctuary, there are also radioactive walkers being introduced on the show.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At first, when Shiva the tiger died, we noticed some walkers that looked a little different. At a closer glance, it was clear there was something unusual in the water. Based on a barrel, it appeared to be something chemical in the water.

In fact, this is probably the same reason that Father Gabriel is sick.

Negan’s New Warfare On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Negan and Father Gabriel were trapped in the trailer, Negan made it clear that Virginia walkers occasionally make people sick. However, he seems a little sicker than just the stench of walker guts.

Instead, it’s more plausible that the walker guts were radioactive. If some of the walkers attracted to the Sanctuary were in the chemicals, they could hurt the living if the two get too close.

In addition, this could be a tactic for future chemical warfare in the series.

Radioactive Warfare Stirs Up Sickness

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of “Time for After,” Rick Grimes (and the audience) were surprised to see the Sanctuary cleared out. Since Daryl Dixon’s attack forced in the walkers, it’s unclear why the area is so tranquil when he gets back (and why the water tower sniper is dead).

Perhaps Negan understands what’s going on with the walkers, which is what he tries to tell Father Gabriel. This way, it’s less important how somehow gets hurt (say a cut from Lucille), and more importantly what happens afterward.

More than likely, every character on The Walking Dead has cuts and scratches. Most of the protagonists are constantly walking around in the woods. Even a briar patch could mean death if the “injured” gets too close to an infected walker.

Basically, the characters can get sick whether or not they’re bitten. While Rick Grimes does not know this, Negan and his men appear to know this weapon.

Do you think Negan will be able to take down Rick Grimes due to this new weapon?

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