Why Fans Are Beginning to Believe Fear The Walking Dead Trumps The Walking Dead


Michael Cudlitz, who played Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead, recently brought up the fact that TWD is about extraordinary, comic book like heroes, while FTWD is more about real people in unusual circumstances.

Fear, The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

According to Forbes writer, Paul Tassi, Fear the Walking Dead is beginning to resonate more with fans while The Walking Dead is starting to lose some of its fan base—partially due to the heroes on the original show.

The Walking Dead is effectively a superhero show. No one has superpowers, but it’s a superhero show all the same, pulled from the pages of a comic that features much, much larger than life characters surviving an impossible situation is very comic book-y ways,” writes Tassi.

The Walking Dead, Comic Book Level Icons

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The characters are iconic: ex-sheriff with a Coly Python (Rick Grimes), a wanderer with a katana (Michonne), a crossbow biker (Daryl Dixon), an undercover killer (Carol), a Wildman turned monk (Morgan), and a zookeeper with a tiger (Ezekiel).

Then there’s Negan, who wears a red scarf and leather jacket despite the Georgia heat, who also carries a barbed-wire baseball bat as he leads hundreds of men and women among the undead.

But on Fear the Walking Dead, the characters are quite simple.

Fear the Walking Dead, People Trying To Survive

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Madison is a counselor who wants the best for her family. Nick is a former addict trying to protect his girlfriend. Alicia is a teenager concerned for her family. Strand is a former con man, but still just a man.

The only character on Fear the Walking Dead who might be able to crossover would be Daniel, who used to be a CIA-torturer but he’s hardly up to par with anyone on The Walking Dead.

At first, many fans thought that Fear was simply boring, but now that’s it has made it to the third season and after the weak seventh season of The Walking Dead, the human-aspects of Fear are actually making it a more grounded show.

Have you given Fear the Walking Dead a chance yet?

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