Walking Dead Finally Explains This Daryl Dixon Easter Egg


Daryl Dixon’s Scarlet Letter, Solved

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Last season, while Daryl Dixon was a prisoner and Rick Grimes was being forced to work for Negan, fans were scratching their heads about the letters associated with Negan’s prisoners in the Sanctuary.

Some fans even decided there was a moment of Morse Code between Rick and Daryl, which later proved to be only theory. However, the mystery about the letters turns out to be less elegant than the Morse Code theory.

The writer said Daryl’s “scarlet letter” was essentially just slang for “Asshole.”

“They’re Being Juvenile…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Digital Spy writes:

Fans wondered if there was anything special to it. Revealed by Angela Kang (who wrote the Daryl-centric episode ‘The Cell’) on the commentary as part of the Season 7 Blu-ray, it turns out that there’s a meaning behind the letter, but it’s not as elegant as you may think.”

“It just means ‘asshole’,” Kang said. “They’re being juvenile. Like an asshole and an ‘F’ and an ‘S’ for ‘f**kface’ and ‘shithead.” Case closed.”

Many fans thought it was just a way to identify the prisoners or which block they were in, like A or B block.

What’s Next On The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When the series returns, it’s possible that we’ll see Dr. Carson in one of these outfits. Eugene and Dr. Carson are both living in the Sanctuary, somewhat against their will and somewhat voluntary.

Eugene really took to Negan’s ways, but Dr. Carson was against the plan, especially given that his brother was killed, which is why he’s now living in the Sanctuary. We haven’t caught up with Carson since he was taken last season.

When Rick Grimes and the gang prepare to take down Negan, it’s possible that Dr. Carson and Eugene could be used as a bargaining chip to stop the attack. If it’s up to Rosita, however, like last season, she’ll kill Eugene and risk her own life if that means also taking down Negan.

What do you think of this Walking Dead Easter Egg being solved?

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