Walking Dead Fans Vote For Favorite Villain, But It’s Not Negan…


Walking Dead Website Votes Best Of The Worst

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead’s official website has been carrying on a tournament-based drawing to see which villain fans love to hate. The main contenders are Negan, Merle, The Governor and even Rick Grimes (at times).

Despite the fact that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) made it to the semi-finals, he was actually beaten by Shane (Jon Bernthal), who then beat The Governor (David Morrissey) from the prison riot.

Lucille is not going to like this news.

Shane Beats Merle, Governor, And Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Described as not the “typical villain,” Shane actually won by a landslide in the final round of voting. “Shane is loved so much as a villain because he wasn’t the same as people like Negan and the Governor,” said another fan.

“Shane had closer personal connections to Rick, his family and the group.” Shane died back in Season 2 of the show, but Jon Bernthal has been on the show once more in Season 3 while Rick was suffering from a hallucination (“Made to Suffer”).

Shane’s death also changed Rick to the man he is today.

Shane Knew Everyone Before Outbreak

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Based on the fan quotes, Shane is more loved because he knew everyone from before and how each person changed during the apocalypse. Shane was doing what he thought was right, even though it was wrong.

At first, Shane only wanted to help Lori and he really thought Rick had died back in the hospital. When Rick arrived, however, Shane’s actions had already infected him in a way that he could no longer work alongside Rick Grimes.

Fans will always love Shane and it’s interesting that he won this battle of the villains, especially since Rick has just revealed Judith’s true father to be Shane. It makes you wonder if Judith will grow up thinking like her father.

Do you agree with this Walking Dead poll for best villain?


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