The Walking Dead Executives Make Confusing Announcement About Lauren Cohan


The most recent potential letdown on The Walking Dead revolves around Lauren Cohan. The actress, better known as Magge Greene Rhee, is having some issues with her contract negotiations, which could mean we won’t see her in Season 9 of the show. For the past few weeks, it’s been clear that her contract has been stalled.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Maggie has been on The Walking Dead since Season 2 of the series. She’s certainly remained one of the top characters and she’s one of the three leaders on Rick’s side of the war. Even so, the actress rejected her first contract and counter-offered a modest raise.

According to reports, she not only rejected the offer, but she also made herself available for new pilots on other networks.

Scott Gimple Talks About Lauren Cohan’s Contract

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit Mindy Project

“I’m incredibly hopeful,” said former showrunner Scott Gimple. “These things do happen in TV. But we’re talking. And Lauren is an actor who has such intuition and such power. So yeah, hopefully, it all works out.”

The phrase “hopefully it all works out” isn’t that great for fans. Plus, the network has had their problems in the past. AMC is currently facing two lawsuits about contract issues, plus another about the death of stuntman John Bernecker.

Even creator Robert Kirkman signed a different deal with Amazon, but hopefully, they can do better with Lauren Cohan.

The Future Of Maggie Greene Rhee

Maggie on The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With Carl Grimes on his way out, it doesn’t seem right for the show to lose another vital character in Maggie Greene Rhee. First of all, she’s about to have Glenn’s baby, but she’s also the leader of Hilltop.

Since AMC is negotiating her contract, she clearly doesn’t die in the second half of Season 8B, so writing her off would be unusual. Plus, she’s also one of the likely candidates to one day take over the show.

With Carl and Morgan on their way out, losing a star like Maggie is equally unpleasant and bad news for the series.

Do you think that AMC will work out this deal with Lauren Cohan?

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