Why Robert Kirkman Regrets Killing Off This Character On The Walking Dead


If Robert Kirkman had the chance, there’s one character he would bring back from the dead. It’s not someone you might have guessed. Rather than Glenn or Abraham, Kirkman would like to bring back the pacifist character, Tyreese, portrayed by Chad Coleman on the show.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the 2018 Walker Stalker Cruise, the creator of The Walking Dead told fans he’d like to revive Tyreese the most. “I miss the character a lot in the comics, and it was great getting to write him again for the show. I thought he was a cool guy,” added Robert Kirkman.

But the character with a moral compass was basically too good for this world. However, if he hadn’t died, Sasha may not have gone down her unfortunate path.

Robert Kirkman Talks About Tyreese’s Struggles

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I liked how gentle he was and how ill-equipped for the world he was and what a struggle it was for him to bash people’s heads in with that hammer,” said AMC executive producer Robert Kirkman.

We’ve often said that Tyreese and Dale were both too good for the undead world. Both men did everything they could to protect those around them. This meant making the right decisions but there was simply too much war for their peace.

Now, whenever a character is being too good, there’s always a chance that character will die, because of their values. Now, this is true of Carl Grimes.

The Moral Compass Always Gets Killed

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carl Grimes got too close to a walker because he was trying to bring in a new person and respect that new person’s beliefs. When Carl met Saddiq, he went back to his dad’s old ways of asking three questions. Normally, Carl Grimes would not have been in that situation. But because Saddiq’s parents believed he could free the souls of the undead, the boy wanted to help out his new friend. But this put him in danger that he would have normally avoided.

The series left us hanging between Season 8A and Season 8B but the lesson should be that being too good could mean time is limited.

Which character would you want to bring back to The Walking Dead?

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