Walking Dead Countdown: All Major Events From Season 4


The Long Walk From The Prison To Terminus

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In Season 3 of The Walking Dead, we lost Andrea and Merle Dixon. The death of Merle greatly changed Daryl Dixon and he also realized that he’s better off with Rick and the group. Andrea got close to the Governor, which got her killed and Rick finally met Michonne, but wasn’t sure whether to trust her or not.

In Season 4, “30 Days Without An Accident” starts with Rick bringing the Woodbury survivors back to the prison. Rick tries to give up his leadership role in order to farm and mourn the loss of his wife. Michonne looks for the Governor.

Rick Abandons Carol As The Governor Watches

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Patrick from Woodbury dies and reanimates. The gang then decides to move anyone sick or bitten into a different cellblock. It turns out a deadly flu virus has entered the safe zone. Tyreese’s girlfriend Karen and their friend David are both infected. Someone kills and burns them to save the camp.

The illness spreads, so Hershel decides to stay with the infected to help them. Daryl leads a group to look for medicine, where they hear a radio broadcast to take people to a “sanctuary.” Rick finds out that Carol killed Karen and David.

When Daryl’s group returns, Rick and Carol had out to look for supplies. While looking for supplies, Rick tells Carol that she can’t return to the camp. The two go off their separate ways.

Several of the infected reanimate in the secluded cellblock. Daryl’s group helps Hershel and Bob administer the medicine and cure those with the flu. Everyone notices Carol is gone, but Rick only tells a few people the truth. The Governor watches from outside of the gates.

The Governor’s Story and Michonne’s Trail

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“Live Bait” starts with a flashback. When the Governor was abandoned by Martinez and Shumpert, so he sets Woodbury on fire. He runs into Chamblers, Lilly, Tara, Lilly’s daughter Megan, and her father who is dying.

Martinez recognizes that the Governor has taken on a new identity when he meets this new group. The Governor sees weakness within the new group and he feels like he can take the prison to make it a safe place for Chamblers. He kills Martinez and takes charge. The Governor sees Hershel and Michonne outside the gate.

The Governor captures Michonne and Hershel. Rick offers co-existence, but the Governor wants the prison for himself, so he kills Hershel. Walkers show up and tear through the fence. The Governor kills Meghan. Rick and the Governor get into a brawl. Rick nearly dies when Michonne kills the Governor. Rick escapes with Carl.

Rick is heavily injured, so Carl helps his father. They’re unsure if Judith is still alive, but they take shelter in an abandoned suburban area. Rick is exhausted. Carl scavengers for supplies. Michonne tries to follow their trail.

Scattered, Exhausted, and Captured

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Daryl tries to protect Beth when everyone scatters from the prison war. Tyreese has Judith, Lizzie, and Mika. They run into Carol on the road. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob find the bus from the prison and Maggie thinks Glenn may have died. Glenn wakes up at the prison where he finds Tara. They run into Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.

Michonne catches up with Rick and Carl. A group of men called the Claimers are on their trail, so they abandon the suburban area and head to Terminus. Tara and Glenn find out about Eugene’s mission to escort Eugene to Washington D.C.

Beth and Daryl go on a journey to look for alcohol, as Hershel never let Beth have any alcohol. They find some Peach Schnapps in a country club, but Daryl is against her drinking that so they look for a cabin to find moonshine. Daryl discusses the loss of his brother Merle after they have a few drinks.

On the way to Terminus, Maggie, Bob, and Sasha come to an abandoned town. Maggie decides to go back to look for Glenn, where she nearly dies. Luckily, Sasha and Bob save her from the walkers. Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth make their way to a church, where Beth is captured by someone in a mysterious car and Daryl is captured by a group of men.

The Road To Terminus

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carol, Tyreese and the kids head to Terminus. They discover Lizzie has an unhealthy obsession with the walkers. Lizzie actually kills her sister Mika and it’s possible that she was also going to kill Judith when they stop her. Carol and Tyreese agree that Lizzie is too dangerous so Carol kills her. Carol then reveals the truth about Karen.

Abraham’s group is also headed towards Terminus when they see a message for Glenn from Maggie. Glenn and Tara proceed without Abraham where they are surrounded by walkers. Luckily, Maggie’s group saves Glenn and Tara. Daryl is then forced to travel with the Claimers, as he’s unaware they were after Rick before.

In the finale, “A,” the Claimers finally catch up to Rick’s group. They threaten to sexually assault Michonne and Carl, but Daryl sets Rick free and they kill everyone. These four head towards Terminus, with Rick and Daryl walking as “brothers.” At Terminus, Rick’s group is pushed into a boxcar by gunpoint where Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita sit as prisoners. Rick reveals that they have picked the wrong people to mess with.

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