Walking Dead Comic Con Panel Pays Tribute To Fallen Stuntman


Scott Gimple Pays Tribute To Bernecker

John Bernecker | Photo Credit Magweb

There was a lot of speculation and decision on whether or not the cast and crew would arrive at the San Diego Comic Con for panel, after a stuntman named John Bernecker died on set filming the latest season.

“We didn’t really know if we should do this panel today, but we wanted to be here for you,” said Gimple, the showrunner. The crew opened up the panel by paying tribute to their fallen co-worker.

“He was beloved in the stunt community,” said Gimple. “He was living his dream and he helped other people do the same thing.”

Actors Describe Their Time On Set

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Times Union writes:

“The stars and writers spent the bulk of the hourlong panel taking questions from fans, who said they’d come from as far away as Sweden and Peru to attend the pop-culture convention. The Swedish fan asked if the show would ever have an international setting. Gimple demurred.”

“Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the bat-wielding Negan, was asked about his thoughts on his character. He said he finds Negan amusing and appreciates his sense of humor. “What do I like least about him? That he wears a leather jacket on a 120-degree day,” the actor said.”

Bernecker’s Fall Tragedy On Set

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

According to reports, the stuntman died when he fell from a routine fall but missed his mark. This meant falling from around 25-30 feet and then landing on cement. The fall happened during a scene with Austin Amelio.

It’s unclear if the actor was meant to be a walker or a Savior. With the major war scenes right around the corner, there’s lots more action to be shot for Season 8 of the show, but more careful precautions are likely to take place.

Something like this hasn’t happened in years.

Are you saving up to attend next year’s Comic Con event?

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