Netflix Makes Major Announcement About Binge Watching The Walking Dead


In honor of Valentine’s Day, Netflix came out with a list of the top 10 first binge shows for couples. Surprisingly, AMC’s The Walking Dead actually beat Netflix’s Stranger Things for most binged series on the streaming platform.

Stranger Things | Photo Credit Netflix

First place went to another AMC series called Breaking Bad. Then, in second place, Orange is the New Black. But, AMC’s The Walking Dead came in third, just ahead of Stranger Things.

Most of the list is Netflix original shows, but AMC is holding their own at the top.

The Walking Dead Is Certainly Binge-worthy

TWD Red Machete | Photo Credit AMC

According to Comic Book, “Defining a binge as finishing a show within a week of starting, Netflix finds that over 90% of subscribers have binge watched, with first binges lasting on an average of three days.”

Generally speaking, most people binge their first full series in two weeks. In fact, the network even came out with a joke about the service. “Most people wait until the third date, but globally it only takes two weeks, for the majority of Netflix members to go all the way. No, not Netflix and chill…”

They’re simply talking about the first Netflix binge.

Creating A Top Ten Show For Fans

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s no surprise for these top ten shows. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead put AMC on the map as far as being a real network of original shows. It’s actually a little surprising that Mad Men isn’t also on this top ten list.

For now, only the first seven seasons of The Walking Dead are available. But fans who are behind can catch up on AMC or the app to see the past eight episodes. It’s unclear when Season 8 will be available for streaming, but likely closer to the date for Season 9 to be on television.

Since binge watching shows is becoming more popular, it’s possible that writers have been adjusting the way they tell stories. On one hand, they need to create cliffhangers for shows that air week-to-week.

On the other hand, the cliffhangers and serial structure also have to be interesting for those fans that are binging the show.

Have you binged The Walking Dead on Netflix since it came out?


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