Josh McDermitt Wants You To Re-watch Last Week’s Episode For One Reason…


Josh McDermitt Talks Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In an article written by actor Josh McDermitt about Morgan, the man behind Eugene Porter reveals his thoughts on Morgan, Carol, and a little bit of everything happening on The Walking Dead in Season 7.

“Carol is back and Morgan is stuck somewhere in between his new and former self,” writes the actor. The episode “Bury Me Here” “contained several pivotal decisions made by some reluctant characters.”

Like many fans of the show, McDermitt is happy to see Carol kicking ass again.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

McDermitt is very concerned about Morgan’s character though:

But something that concerns me is seeing Morgan (Lennie James) start to have flashbacks from his “Clear” days. He obviously saw Benjamin (Logan Miller) almost like a son by mistakenly calling him “Duane.” I found it interesting when Morgan confronted Richard (Karl Makinen) about the missing cantaloupe and Richard not knowing what kind of wild animal was standing in his dorm room.”

Beyond Morgan’s history of violence, McDermitt also misses Richard.

Did Richard Miss His Purpose?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Richard’s role in the Kingdom was that of a “loose cannon,” but McDermitt thinks “Richard was the only one in the Kingdom living in the real world.” This is certainly true when compared to the King and those who follow his every word.

In the near future, while Richard’s questionable sacrifices put the Kingdom in the right place to prepare for battle, perhaps he didn’t see how important he could have been for the Kingdom when the battle actually comes to their doorstep.

Richard was so prepared to start a fight, he missed his real opportunity to let the fight come to him. He’s right that you can’t sit around and wait in this new world, but his actions got Benjamin killed and sent Carol and Morgan off the deep end.

Hopefully, Morgan and Carol will be ready when Rick’s war begins. As for Dr. Eugene Porter, it’s difficult to say which side he will be on.

Do you think Eugene has actually sided with Negan or is he still living out of fear and just trying to survive?

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