Walking Dead 7×14 – IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS & RECAP (Season 7, Episode 14) Shadow Figure REVEALED!


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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 (7×14), “The Other Side,” gets a FULL ANALYSIS & BREAKDOWN! This Walking Dead recap covers all Walking Dead Easter Eggs and references to the Walking Dead Comics. “The Other Side” follows Sasha and Rosita on a suicide mission to kill Negan, deepening the mysteries of Eugene’s true loyalties and a figure in the shadows at the end of the episode.

Erik Voss explains everything you missed, including what is the significance of the knot that Rosita shows Sasha and this episode’s references to Glenn and Abraham. Who is approaching Rosita in the shadows at the end of the episode? What is the difference between Maggie and Sasha’s war strategies? And what is Gregory planning with Simon?


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