Walker Stalker Con–Here’s What It’s Like To Face The Walking Dead Fandom Head On

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Actor Cooper Andrews was an immediate fan favorite when he set foot in the Kingdom on The Walking Dead. As King Ezekiel’s right-hand man, Jerry, the actor brought something different to the set. At the recent Walker Stalker Con, Cooper Andrews was greeted by a swarm of fans, where he discussed what it’s like to be on The Walking Dead. Cooper just joined the show in Season 7, but he’s already made quite the name for himself.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC



Walker Stalker Con, Much Different Than Online Praise

Cooper Andrews told Comic Book:

“When we’re shooting I love the fact that every actor and crew loves the show. Because of that, everyone’s giving their best and everyone cares to make it right.” These guys will still wear their gear, wear their equipment, and stay in it just for you.”

“Being at these conventions, the best part is when you’re working and you’re gone and you hear about these reactions people have, you’re like, ‘That’s the Internet.” When people come up and I get to greet them, it’s like, ‘This is real and this is awesome!'”

The event is much different than the occasional pat on the back, online.

Cooper Andrews Talks Season 7, The Well

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Cooper Andrews also spoke about his first day on set, when they were shooting The Well, which was Season 7, Episode 2 on the show. “We’re all like, “This is great! It’s like the first day of school! I’ve got my backpack! Look at it!”

“When we were shooting the finale episodes and all the actors are staged in one of the houses while we’re waiting, Hilltop, Alexandria, and they’re all like, “Yeah, we don’t act like that! You guys are really close. The Kingdommers, we’re all really close. All of us. We’re all really, really close,” said Andrews.

Is Jerry one of your new favorite characters?

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