Fans Think They Just Spotted The Next Death In “Tiny” Second In Trailer


New “Faith” Season 8 Trailer For TWD

The new Season 8 trailer for The Walking Dead is epic. The trailer begins with various short shots of lead characters. Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Morgan, and Carol are armed and dangerous this season. 

Despite being much shorter than the original SDCC trailer, the new one gives away a few more clues. In one quick glance, it looks like Carl Grimes is in a tough spot. 

However, it’s possible that someone else is more injured than him. 

Is There Another Death Revealed In Trailer?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

When Carl Grimes is surrounded by walkers, it looks like the end. In a scene a second before, Shiva appears to be in the same scenario. A moment later, it looks like Shiva has been killed. 

It doesn’t seem like Shiva would be able to be killed by walkers, but the thing about zombies is the large number. Back in the original George Romero films, it wasn’t the speed, but the quantity. 

No matter where you go, the walkers will eventually get you.

Will We See More Walker Kills This Season?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the past, the walker kills made the show. Now, however, the Season 8 trailer shows that it’s about the people. It’s war on man versus man, rather than man versus walkers. 

Many people remember Noah’s epic death and all of the others killed by walkers. There was even a moment when people thought that Glenn was eaten alive by walkers. 

The Season 8 trailer also shows that Daryl is using the walkers as a weapon. He’s rounding up walkers to take to the sanctuary might like Merle Dixon did a few seasons ago. 

In a way, this is getting back to the roots of the show and the genre. George Romero showcased the slow-moving walkers who were meant to showcase consumerism in America. Now they’re much more. 

Regardless, we miss our flesh-eaters.

Do you think Shiva the Tiger will be eaten by walkers?

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