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Sasha & Bob

source: Movie Plot

Alcoholic Bob tamed the wildfires of former fire-fighter Sasha during the fourth season of The Walking Dead. Originally a loner, it didn’t take Bob long to settle into group life and he set his sights on the feisty Sasha. Sadly it has been a bad run of luck for Sasha, her relationship with Bob was short-lived and then she lost her brother Tyreese (hey, he lasted longer than in the comics).

Daryl & Beth

source: Movie Plot

Originally spending their time in silence, the episode “Still” is entirely dedicated to the pair. A stand-out episode, it gave Beth the screen-time she deserved and explored the emotional side of Daryl that had been briefly glimpsed when he lost his brother Merle. Acting as a father figure which Beth was lacking, Daryl offers her moonshine. At first worried that the wrong type of moonshine can make you go blind, she is hesitant, but drinks whilst playing ‘I have never.’ The most poignant part of the episode is when the two torch the cabin they have been staying in, representing the end of their old lives.

When Beth is kidnapped by hospital survivors, we are left wondering who took her and then Daryl goes on the hunt. When trading Beth for Shepherd, Daryl’s only concern is Beth’s safety. When she is tragically killed by Dawn, Daryl doesn’t even hesitate when shooting Dawn in the head. Breaking down, he carries Beth’s body from the hospital in the closing moments of Season five, part A. The relationship of Daryl and Beth grew from him thinking she was a “dumb college girl,” to being much more of a brother/sister relationship. After her death, Daryl fell into depression and promised he would never forget Beth.

Andrea & The Governor (and Michonne)

source: Movie Plot

After arriving in Woodbury with Michonne, Andrea was unfazed by The Governor, but after some subtle wooing was impressed with how he had kept everyone safe. As Michonne made tracks to leave, Andrea decided to stay and be Mrs. Governor, sealing her own fate.

The two bonded and Andrea even got The Governor to reveal his true name, something he had never done before. But their happiness didn’t last long and after Michonne and The Governor wrecked his love nest, Andrea was forced to choose a side. Her many failed attempts to kill The Governor ended with her being captured by him, bound and placed in his torture room. Sure enough, in the Season three finale, The Governor left his former lover with a zombified Milton (because that’s what he does).

Maggie & Glenn

source: Movie Plot

Everyone’s favourite pizza delivery boy and the final surviving Greene member are The Walking Dead‘s Romeo and Juliet. The show’s longest lasting relationship have had their ups and downs, but now remain a focal point of the show.

Starting as a one night stand on a supply run, Maggie swore that her and Glenn were a one off. After a ‘will they, won’t they’ Ross/Rachel situation, Maggie eventually admits she loves Glenn. This time he is the one who is unsure how he feels, but he is there to comfort Maggie after the destruction of the family farm and death of her siblings and mother.

Daryl & Carol

source: Movie Plot

He can kick your ass. She can kick your ass and then bake you a pie. What more could you want in a couple? Plus, their names sound really good together. 

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