Tom Payne Gives New Details On Jesus And Carl’s Trip To The Sanctuary


This season of The Walking Dead has been perhaps a bit more disjointed than previous years. Each week we’ve essentially followed completely separate storylines and characters, as the narrative builds toward what should be an explosive mid-season finale.

Before the adventure with Tara (and Heath, to an extent), the last thing we saw was Paul “Jesus” Monroe and Carl Grimes stowing away in a Savior truck. In a new interview, actor Tom Payne previews what’s to come.

The Trip to the Sanctuary

Tom Payne as Jesus on The Walking Dead“He’s on his way to the Sanctuary,” says Payne. “There was a sneak preview on Talking Dead the other night where you see him jumping out of the back of the truck, so I guess you can figure out that him and Carl don’t arrive at the same time at the Sanctuary.”

Not only will the two not arrive at the same time, but (in case you’ve forgotten) their trip was not planned together either. Jesus had no idea Carl was even at the Hilltop when he followed Sasha’s suggestion to track the Saviors back to their home.

Respect Among Comrades

“I loved the end of that episode and I love that they kept it in that Jesus is looking at Carl with the attitude of like, Oh, okay. Cool. What’s going to happen now?” says Payne.

“[Jesus is] not judgmental. He’s not in any way, oh, you shouldn’t be here. He’s just, cool. I respect you and this is your decision and let’s go see what happens. So that will play out in the coming weeks, and the different ways that Jesus and Carl approach the Sanctuary is going to play out.”

It’s interesting to hear Payne say the mission will “play out in the coming weeks.” This episode was one of the series’ longest yet, running a full 90 minutes. It’s a bit surprising to learn that this storyline will continue even after such an extended episode.

This week’s episode title, “Sing Me A Song,” is likely a reference to similar events in The Walking Dead comic book. When Carl sneaks into the Sanctuary, he guns down several of the Saviors with an assault rifle. When Negan stops him, he removes Carl’s eyepatch and asks him to “sing me a song.”

What do you think about the way The Walking Dead‘s storyline is unfolding this season?


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