Time Jump Confirmed For The Walking Dead Season 8

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-08

Walking Dead Trailer Reveals Time Jump

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After the trailer for The Walking Dead Season 8 premiered at Comic Con, many fans were worried that the “coma theory” had come true. This, of course, meant that Rick’s entire apocalypse experience was merely a dream.

Some people believe that Rick’s time in the hospital was actually just the beginning and everything else was just a dream. That would explain Lori’s reappearance and possibly even Father Gabriel, assuming he’s a hospital priest.

In reality, this likely signifies a time jump on the show.

Time Jump To Stay With The Action

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In Robert Kirkman’s comic, the creator tries to keep fans in on the action. So, whenever Rick Grimes and company conquers a villain, there’s the possibility of a time jump, which will bring on the next enemy.

In the trailer, we see Rick Grimes in a hospital bed with a grey beard. The clip comes after a long montage of battle scenes between Rick’s group and the Saviors. Some think that this could also mean Rick is on his deathbed.

Obviously, no one is safe on the iconic show.

Rick Grimes On His Deathbed 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

The Daily Star reports:

“After the war, which will take place in season eight, Negan celebrates at the Hilltop, thinking he’s taken down Rick. The Saviors use weapons covered in bits of walkers, making any injuries even more life threatening than they would already be in the post-apocalyptic world.”

“Rick wasn’t actually wounded by an infected weapon and tries to kill Negan, but he fails. He ends up with his leg broken and takes Negan prisoner instead of ending his life and this is where the end scene of the trailer comes into it.”

There have been other hints of a time jump, that would parallel the comics, but this looks like the first piece of real evidence as we see Rick’s cane, which hints at a broken leg for the leader.

Do you think we’ll see a time jump in the first eight episodes?

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