This Walking Dead Star Just Had A Baby And How That Will Change Season 8…


New Mother Shows Newborn On Mother’s Day

Christian Serratos | Photo Credit Instagram

“Happy Mother’s Day from little W and me!” wrote actress Christian Serratos after giving birth to her first child. The picture shows the 26-year-old with her first newborn wrapped in her arms.

Last March, Serratos announced she was having a baby with longtime boyfriend, David Boyd. Serratos is actually the second character to have a baby in the last year as Alanna Masterson also announced her newborn back in Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

This change will likely mean that Serratos won’t be in the Season 8 premiere.

Second Newborn From The Cast

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There were rumors back in Season 7 that due to Serratos’ pregnancy, she might have been the one to be killed in the finale, but this later ended up being Sasha, which many suspected after Martin-Green’s new role on Star Trek: Discovery.

Little “W” may mean that we won’t see as much of Christian Serratos when the series returns. When Masterson had her baby, they essentially wrote her out of the season, except for the episode entitled “Swear.”

The writing team has said they won’t have individual episodes like this in the future.

Rosita’s Character May See Less Screen Time 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

If Rosita is written out of Season 8, it’s unclear where she’ll be. Most of Season 7, Rosita got a lot of screen time due to her anger over Spencer’s death, plus the fact that no one else seemed to want to kill Negan.

Essentially, Sasha saved Rosita’s life when led to her bringing Dwight back to Alexandria. She didn’t seem to trust Dwight at all, but based on this initial point of contact, she could be Dwight’s connection to Rick in the future.

If she needs or wants more time off, however, the creators and writers behind the show seem to be creative enough to allow for the actors to come and go as they please. This is one benefit of having such a large ensemble.

Do you think the writers will include less of Rosita next season?

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