This The Walking Dead Character Voted Most Likely To Save Negan


A lot of The Walking Dead fans are doing their research on Laura actress Lindsley Register. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Laura is the character who ratted out Dwight and she was also the first Savior to surrender on the battlefield. Based on her loyalty to Negan, she’s also the former Savior who will most likely save Negan.

By the end of the Season 8 finale, Laura was chipping in to help the good guys rebuild the fallen territories. Tara showed up with new glass for the Sanctuary and Laura smiled as Rosita as she helped with the gardens. However, there’s something that we just can’t trust about Laura.

That said, despite the fact that she’s most likely to bust Negan out of jail, actress Lindsley Register is quite the opposite. She’s a relatively new actor and she’s just recently told her story to fans on YouTube.

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