Fans Are Terrified For Daryl Dixon After They Notice What’s In This Scene


“You up for this?” said Daryl Dixon to Michonne. With Tara on the way to begin cover fire, Daryl’s crew has mixed decisions on his attack. However, his actions are making us worry that he will get himself killed, possibly even on purpose.

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“I came here because I wanted to see things for myself,” said Michonne. “I wanted to know that things are going to work. But…I don’t get to know that.” As Michonne grows near, Daryl also makes his beliefs clear.

“It is [worth risking us] for me,” confirmed Daryl. “It just is…”

Daryl Dixon Is Willing To Risk Everything

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Among the various characters who are willing and ready to die, Daryl Dixon is the most confusing. Tara is upset she waited to tell Rick Grimes about Oceanside and she’s also missing Denise (and maybe Heath).

Then there’s Michonne, who was nearly killed by the Scavengers; Morgan, who had to watch Benjamin die; King Ezekiel, who lost all of his men; and Rosita, who had a fling with Spencer when he was gutted in the streets.

The only two characters that seem to be operating on pure hatred are Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon.

Did “Prison” Change Daryl Dixon For Good?

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Both Daryl and Rick are fighting for Glenn Rhee, but there’s much more to their anger. Both of these men have been knocked down one too many times. For Rick and Daryl, living under Negan’s thumb was too excessive for them.

Rick Grimes had to verbally submit to Negan, but Daryl Dixon actually had to live in a jail cell and eat dog food. Apparently, the music torture (“Easy Street”) and the dog food sandwiches really did get to Daryl Dixon.

When he finally escaped, he killed Fat Joey and every other Savior that has ever come across him. One time, he even considered killing a guy that could have got him caught, but luckily Maggie stopped him it the cellar.

Since most of the other characters are fighting to avenge, it’s odd that Rick and Daryl are fighting more for themselves. This makes us concerned that Daryl will get himself captured or killed.

Do you think Daryl Dixon will make a mistake and die this season?

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