This Comic Death Will Play Hell On Season 8 Of The Walking Dead


Major Comic Death Revealed

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are some major spoilers and speculations in this article, both about the AMC version and the comic of The Walking Dead. Consider yourself warned…

If you’re out of the loop, Andrea is with Rick in the comic, but Michonne takes on this role in the televised version. In the comic, which is further along, story-wise than the AMC version– Andrea was just killed off.

While trying to save Eugene, Andrea ended up leading a herd of walkers away from the Safe Zone but she was bitten on the neck by a walker. Back at the camp, Rick broke down when she showed him what happened.

Robert Kirkman admitted crying while writing the scene.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

With Negan’s War approaching on AMC’s The Walking Dead, many critics and fans are worried that Michonne will continue to follow Andrea’s path, which means getting killed in either Season 8 or Season 9 of the series.

One unusual idea, that television fans may favor more than comic fans, would be to have Michonne’s comic persona then meet up with Rick Grimes in the comic version as well as the AMC version.

This seems unlikely, but not impossible.

Robert Kirkman’s Distance Factor

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Creator Robert Kirkman has made it clear that he wants to distance the comics from the televised version of The Walking Dead, but the creators also love their surprises and the synergy from the franchise as a whole.

If Michonne’s comic persona were to take on her live-action counterpart, which is the reverse of what typically happens (the show follows the comic), this would actually be Rick’s third relationship since the world ended.

Rick Grimes may take on more of a loner role after Andrea’s death in the comic, but there are also countless other things that could happen as well.

Do you think Robert Kirkman would reverse-connect the two?

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