This Clue On The Walking Dead Reveals When A Character Will Die Next


Benjamin The Martyr

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back in “Bury Me Here,” we lost Benjamin and Richard thanks to a plan developed by Richard to start a fight between the Kingdom and the Saviors. Before Benjamin died, however, there may have been a clue to his impending death.

Beyond the fact that he was the most likely martyr, meaning that his death would make the King arm the troops, he also gave a clue away in a previous episode that signified an impending death on the show.

Fans saw this coming because only a tragedy like this could start the war.

Death Speeches On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Several Walking Dead characters have been given their camera time right before an impending death. Hershel’s emotional speech during the episode, “Internment” comes to mind as one such example.

Besides Hershel, Andrea, Dale, and Merle also had intense character revelations where they were killed shortly thereafter. As an actor, it gives the individual a major moment before an impending death.

Benjamin saw a great deal of screen time before he was killed at the checkpoint.

Benjamin’s Last Iconic Moments

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In Season 7B, Benjamin gave some of the best lines of dialogue in the past few episodes. When speaking with the king, Benjamin reminded his majesty, “The world does drive people crazy now, but you made us another world.”

In “Bury Me Here,” Benjamin had sympathetic last moments with Carol, the King, and certainly with Morgan before his death. As a protégé, he only wanted to learn, but Carol quickly tossed him to the side as she was on her own mission.

Benjamin was the only character that could convince Carol, Morgan, and the King to go to war, but he couldn’t do it in the flesh. No one really expected Benjamin to die the way he did, but in the world of the undead, it certainly seems fitting.

In this world, Benjamin resembled Helen of Troy, as he was truly the only person that could start Rick’s inevitable war with Negan.

Do you think Benjamin’s death will be avenged in Season 7?

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