There Is New Zombie Science Up For Debate On The Walking Dead


“He’s definitely not doing well,” said EP Denise Huth about Father Gabriel’s illness. “The science, we never really know…but it makes sense.” Huth confirmed that Negan had seen others get sick before. After eight years, The Walking Dead is still finding new loopholes and plot twists that center around the outbreak.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“We know that’s a rule. What happens when the guts get in your eye or your mouth?” added the executive producer. Specifically, this is talking about Father Gabriel, but it’s likely going to relate to everyone in the near future. Plus, it could even imply that Rick Grimes will soon be killed off.

But first, let’s talk about what we know now.

New Science On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Back when Father Gabriel and Negan were trapped in the camper, they decided to coat themselves in walker guts to escape. In the past, Glenn and Rick used this method to move through walkers without being hurt. In the comic book (and on Fear), it’s a method that is used often.

But thanks to an accidental suggestion by Eugene (catapult zombie limbs), Negan had the idea to use zombie guts as biochemical warfare. The idea means that he will have the Saviors coat their weapons in guts. Therefore, every flesh wound would actually result in a death.

As Negan put it, this meant joining the walker “club.”

Robert Kirkman Avoids Certain Questions, But…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There seems to be something missing about this new zombie science. Certain things won’t be discussed because Robert Kirkman wants to avoid too many answers with the outbreak. After all, that’s why he skipped over it for the series and the comic in the first place.

However, as Denise Huth said, there’s no definitive answer for what happens when guts or blood gets in your eyes or mouth. Since Negan told Father Gabriel some people get sick in that area, there are two answers. Either the Priest got radioactive sickness from the walkers in the radioactive waste, or he’s slowly being infected.

If it’s the second answer, the antibiotics may show a slow-churn from alive to undead. Plus, his slow blindness may also show us what walkers see. Or, more specifically, this will prove walkers only see light and hear noise or notice scents.

Do you think Father Gabriel is about to turn?

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