The Most Memorable Moments On The Walking Dead (Pre-Negan)


Tainted Meat Zombie BBQ

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Rick explained that everyone in The Walking Dead universe has the zombie reanimation virus inside them, but if you get bitten, you turn sooner. The show hasn’t explained too much more than that, but when the cannibals from Terminus bit into Bob’s tainted leg, it was one for the books.

Walkers Travel In Herds

Back when Sophia first got lost, a horde of walkers showed up and bumped their way past the highway at Dale’s RV. The group was scavenging through abandoned vehicles when they had to hide from a massive horde.

Now, of course, Rick and Michonne can just cable cut hordes, no problem.

Daryl Takes Out Saviors With RPG-7

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Before we really knew much about Negan, Daryl Dixon gave the Saviors a piece of his mind when he blasted a group of bikers with an RPG. The Saviors were just about to take everything from Abraham when Daryl arrived, locked and loaded.

Michonne Battles The Governor

Michonne had had enough of The Governor right away, but when she found his locked up zombie daughter, the cards were on the table. This was only the first step, of course, as she later shish kabobbed him outside of the prisoner with her sword.

He should have known better than to mess with Michonne.

Rick Turns Into A Savage

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are countless other great scenes, like when Carol turns into Rambo outside of Terminus or when Sophia’s reanimated corpse walked out of Hershel’s barn, but Rick biting Joe’s neck is arguably one of the most iconic scenes of all time.

When a group threatens to rape and kill both Carl and Michonne, Rick hears enough and turns to whatever means necessary to kill his enemy. “First we’re going to beat Daryl to death, then we’ll have the girl, then the boy, then I’m going to shoot you and then we’ll be square,” said the man.

Rick takes a chunk out of his neck instead. Rick then turns into a much more dangerous version of the hero we’ve seen beforehand.

Do you have a favorite pre-Negan scene not on our list?

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