From Farmer To Leader: The Complete Evolution Of ‘Maggie Greene’ On The Walking Dead


Before the outbreak, Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) was a farm hand for the Greene Family Farm. As the oldest daughter of Hershel and Josephine, she had an older half-sister named Beth and is now known as the widow to Glenn Rhee. As of Season 8, she is currently pregnant and leading the people of Hilltop.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

As a character, Maggie Greene is an intelligent and caring person but the various incidences in her life are shaping her into a hardened person. Before she met Rick Grimes and company, she listened to her father. Essentially, the Greene family thought the walkers were merely sick and they tried to save them.

After a walker nearly kills her, she changes her mindset about the walkers. Then she becomes more invested in the core group, which causes problems with her father. Soon, she becomes devoted to Glenn Rhee.

Maggie Greene, The Farm Hand

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After following characters like Rick, Carl, Glenn, and Carol, fans were introduced to the Greene family. Maggie Greene, the eldest daughter, spent her first 22-years on the family farm. Her mother died while she was young and this led her father to marry another woman, which upset Maggie.

Eventually, however, she grew to have a decent relationship with her stepmother, Annette, and her stepbrother Shawn. She also had a good friendship with Otis, a ranch foreman for the farm. She graduated high school and attended college, but it’s unclear if she dropped out or was simply at home when the outbreak happened.

When the infection took over, her neighbors and family members quickly turned. Hershel secretly started to round up the walkers in his barn. At the same time, he barricaded Maggie, Otis, and wife Patricia, and Beth and her boyfriend Jimmy to keep them safe from infection.

Maggie would occasionally make runs to town for supplies until Rick and Glenn arrived.

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