The Case For The Whisperers To Go All Out Horror On Walking Dead


Ever since the announcement of Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) leaving The Walking Dead, fans have been speculating what this means for the show. While it doesn’t sound like the show will straight up murder Rick, they’re going to have to put the pieces in order for something new. We vote the Whisperers go all out horror.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

In the comic book, the Whisperers have their brutal moments. As a group, they whisper to one another as they disguise themselves in hordes. Unlike the time when Glenn and Rick covered themselves in zombie guts, the Whisperers go all out.

They wear the skin of the walkers and they’re not just hiding from the zombies, they’re hiding from other people. If that’s enough, they kill some main characters in brutal fashion in Robert Kirkman’s comic book.

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