Can Dwight Ever Convince Daryl To Spare Him On The Walking Dead?


There have been some great quotes from this season of The Walking Dead. In fact, a handful of the quotes can truly define the entire series. In one example, Alden told Henry, “Words are a lot easier to live with than actions.” But, our favorite actually comes from Tara while speaking to Daryl Dixon.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“Do what you gotta do,” said Tara, “but know it’s just for you.” This little therapeutic diagnosis came out in Season 8’s “Still Gotta Mean Something.” Specifically, the two were talking about killing Dwight. The message is important because it signifies how Daryl often goes rogue and it also encourages him to rethink his actions.

Ever since Daryl Dixon escaped from the Sanctuary, he’s been on a mission to kill as many Saviors as possible. Even when Rick Grimes gave his word to Morales and the other lone survivor, Daryl didn’t hesitate to kill them both. For Daryl, winning the war currently means total annihilation of the enemy.

But, as for Tara, a lot of things had to happen in order for her to come to this conclusion. Dwight’s betrayal of the Saviors goes all the way back to Sasha’s death.

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