Alanna Masteron Wants Tara To Change In This Way We Didn’t See Coming


Alanna Masterson Wants THIS From Tara…

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Every actor wants something different for their character on The Walking Dead. Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants Negan’s backstory. Lauren Cohan wants peace for Baby Rhee. But Alanna Masterson wants an evolution for Tara as the show moves forward.

“I feel like what I would want to have happen in the next 100 episodes is to have Tara become even more of a soldier. To be able to help the other people that maybe aren’t as strong, and to teach them how they can be and to really just bring everybody up on an even playing field and fight some more badass zombies.”

Essentially, Alanna Masterson wants her character to be more of a leader.

Killing Negan, Then Making Pizzas…

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The actress added, “Obviously get rid of Negan and his army, that’s for sure. And yeah, maybe, find a pizza oven and make that pizza for Alexandria – a cheese pizza. We’ve got to find a cow that’s not infected. Maybe we can make it at Hilltop.”

Once Negan is taken care of, a pizza would be a killer way to celebrate. We can already picture Rick’s dream sequence from last season, but with fresh pizzas rather than family style veggies and meats.

Perhaps Alanna Masterson will get her way, but a lot has to happen first.

Time To Step Up And Lead The People

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Several of the characters are stepping up on The Walking Dead. During Gregory’s absence, Maggie led Hilltop to help Rick Grimes and those in Alexandria. With Sasha gone, Enid will also step up to be Maggie’s second-in-command.

For Tara, she’s often been the light-hearted character. However, despite her fist-bumps and Twizzler binges, she also revealed something else last season. When Rosita brought in Dwight, she was pushing for Daryl to cut his throat.

Many fans of the show forgot that Tara and Denise were an item when Dwight killed her. The two were very close and likely thinking of a pizza-filled future together. Unfortunately, the Saviors put an end to this ideal life.

Now it’s time for payback.

Do you think Tara has what it takes to become a leader someday?