Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick Created The Walking Dead Character Rufus


Chris Hardwick, the Talking Dead host and founder of Nerdist, has always been a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Now he’s actually getting a chance to make a contribution to the AMC franchise.

Hardwick created the character Rufus, for The Walking Dead’s mobile download, which is called No Man’s Land. For a limited promotional time, this character is actually free to use.

No Man's Land | Photo Credit Nerdist
No Man’s Land | Photo Credit Nerdist

Rufus the Mountain Man

In No Man’s Land, Rufus is a solitary mountain man who uses jars of moonshine as a Molotov cocktail to kill the dead (this also resembles how “the infected” were killed in the beginning of 28 Days Later).

Rufus kills walkers who get too close to his home by using these makeshift bombs. Hardwick said the character is based off of his great actual great-grandfather, who was named Rufus Ellison Hardwick.

No Man's Land | Photo Credit Nerdist
No Man’s Land | Photo Credit Nerdist

“The Hardwick family tree has a long line of Tennessee hillbillies,” said Hardwick to Nerdist. “They’re an indispensable member of any apocalypse party–crafty and resourceful.”

This character replicates Daryl and Merle’s ancestors as well.

“They know how to live off the land don’t take any shit!” proclaimed the Talking Dead host. “Working with Next Games to bring a more offbeat character to The Walking Dead game was an absolute dream, and in the process I got to give a tip of the straw hat to my great-grandfather, Rufus Ellison Hardwick, who used the washer and dryer my grandparents had given him as a moonshine still.”

No Man's Land | Photo Credit Nerdist
No Man’s Land | Photo Credit Nerdist

No Man’s Land on The Walking Dead

Next Game’s No Man’s Land will continue to update content as Season 7 moves along on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Hardwick would surely be honored to see Rufus fighting along some of his favorite Walking Dead characters like Daryl, Rick, or Michonne to name a few.

In the official advertisement, “Join Rick, Daryl, Michonne and other iconic characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead in the official mobile game of the show. Do you have what it takes to stay alive? The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land available on iOS & Android now.”

Do you have what it takes? Sign up now to play as Rufus for free.

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