You See This, But Wait Until You See What Norman’s Really Doing


On Ride with Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl Dixon crosses the country on two wheels with celebrity guests. A handful of co-stars for the series include Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Dave Chappelle, and Peter Fonda, but the master of horror Greg Nicotero freaked out Reedus the most.

While visiting KNB EFX Group Inc., Reedus came face to face with himself. The studio has done effects for The Walking Dead, Lone Survivor, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Preacher.

There was also a bust of his character’s head.

Norman Reedus Meets Norman Reedus…

Ride with Norman Reedus | Photo Credit AMC

Reedus describes the studio as a funhouse. Inside, there are known props from the two AMC series. For the most part, the camera focused on the various walkers, zombies, and so on.

During the episode, Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero eat, drink, and are merry. For the most part, the series showcases the land while Reedus narrates the series and gives his unique take on the United States and other countries.

In many ways, the series is like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown on two wheels.

Dave Chappelle, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, And…

Ride with Norman Reedus | Photo Credit AMC

With Dave Chappelle, Norman Reedus rode from Savannah, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina. With the comedian, the actor explored the historic areas, went looking for oysters, and discovered new restaurants and more.

In Spain, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Reedus explored Barcelona and ate amazing foods. In addition to their tourism, they spend a lot of time running from tourists that surrounded their rides.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan could occasionally hide with his long beard and sunglasses, but Norman Reedus didn’t have a chance. As tourists shouted “Daryl Dixon” from every street, he would often stop for pictures and selfies.

In many ways, the actor is the type of person we all hope every entertainer will be. On the show, he poses whenever he gets a chance and talks to all of his fans. If a restaurant fills up with people, he’ll take the time to pose with everyone.

Ironically, it’s probably the only show on television where the host is more famous than most of the guests.

Have you caught up on the AMC series, Ride with Norman Reedus?


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