Steven Yuen Says Goodbye to Playing Glenn on The Walking Dead


After six seasons, Glenn was finally killed on Sunday’s premiere of The Walking Dead. Now actor Steven Yuen says goodbye to the iconic role.

After six seasons, fans finally saw the last of Glenn on Sunday’s premiere of The Walking Dead. After Abraham was bludgeoned to death by Negan, Daryl stood up to him. That lead Negan to take out another member of the group: Glenn.

It was a scene straight out of the Walking Dead comic book, but that didn’t make it any less shocking. In an interview with AMC, actor Steven Yuen reflected on his time on the iconic show.

One of The Walking Dead’s Originals

Glenn on The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

First, Yuen talked about leaving after being one of the few remaining cast members to appear all the way back in the very first episode:

“I would say that’s essentially the hardest part – you spend so much time with these people, you’ve worked so closely with them, you’ve learned so much and you’ve shared so many incredible experiences. The hardest part for me was saying goodbye to what I knew as reality for seven years. What’s great is that it also formed such amazing bonds that it kind of transcends physically going to work there, but I am going to miss Atlanta and the crew. It was just a wonderful experience.”

What Happens Now?

Now that Yuen isn’t a part of The Walking Dead, he’s like any other viewer. Here’s what he thinks will happen throughout the rest of the season:

“I feel like it’s going to be breaking new ground. The deaths of Glenn and Abraham signify a turning of the tides for what we’re used to seeing. I think that’s going to bring about a whole other section of storytelling that we haven’t gotten to do on our show. I’m excited to see what happens.”

A Family of Cast Members

The Walking Dead has always been a dark show. But surely the cast finds time for more lighthearted moments. So what is Yuen’s favorite memory from working on the show?

“There are so many moments. I don’t know if there’s one singular moment, but I think working with Andrew Lincoln on one of the first days where we got to be covered in guts was a very iconic moment for me. All the scenes with Lauren [Cohan] and Scott [Wilson] were really wonderful. Anytime we all got together and got to do massive scenes together were always very electric and powerful.”

Making an Impact as Glenn

Not many actors get a chance to play a character for as long as Yuen did. So finally, he shares what he thinks were his best moments as Glenn:

“I think the pharmacy scene and the chair scene at the Governor’s compound was the beginning of a different type of Glenn. I think he was coming to terms with who he was and what he was able to do and that life was worth living for. I think meeting Maggie was the beginning of that and protecting her in dire situations was a manifestation of those feelings.”

Glenn has been a favorite character since he first popped up in The Walking Dead’s premiere six years ago. His presence on the show will be sorely missed.

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