Steve ‘Simon’ Ogg Talks His Last Day On Set, Receiving This Hilarious Farewell From TWD Cast


Fans were somewhat shocked at the latest kill on The Walking Dead. In Season 8’s episode, “Worth,” Negan proved he was the actual leader of the Saviors in more way than one. Surprisingly, he even put down the bat to deal with this traitor.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

But, Negan really gave Simon one more chance and the right-hand still screwed up one more time. In their first conversation, Negan had Simon get down on his knees and he decided to forgive the man.

In actuality, however, this was just another test. Later, as Steve Ogg said, they had to “Gladiator to the death.” Plus, we also learned about a fan theory in regards to Simon and Oceanside in this epic episode.

Steve Ogg Discusses Simon’s Epic Death

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“My last day on set? It was wonderful,” said Steve Ogg on Talking Dead. “A lot of people came by to say goodbye. The crew was all wearing mustaches, which was very sweet. Just before doing the final fight scene with Negan, I went back and everyone was putting them on. So it was sort of like you were hugging everyone and getting worked up and crying and then you gotta go fight to the F-ing death with someone.”

“Honestly, the biggest thing for me was that I wanted the audience to believe it—that Negan could kill Simon,” said Steve Ogg. “It’s upsetting. It’s a bummer to leave, but as long as we sell it that Negan destroys Simon in this bare-knuckle thing then that’s good. I went in with a big splash so as long as I go out with a back splash, then that’s cool.”

Like fans of the show, Steve Ogg couldn’t help but wonder if Negan really still had it in him. “That was my thing—can he fight? Can he throw-down? Can he bring it? Or, are you just a bat?” asked Ogg. “It’s one thing to smash a man’s head with a bat.”

But, before Simon was killed, Negan sat him down in front of the other lieutenants to make an example out of him.

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