[SPOILERS] Will Carol Follow THIS Comic Storyline And Head To Oceanside?


Carol Leaves The Group (Again)

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Carol has tried to leave the group over and over, sometimes with Rick making her do so. In the finale, she finally sided with the Kingdom for the greater good and it looks like she’ll stick around for the next fight.

The comic version of Carol wasn’t so brave. She actually killed herself by giving her life to the walkers, but it looks like AMC Carol is following closely to the storyline Michonne had in the comics.

Michonne somewhat developed a relationship with King Ezekiel.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s certainly possible that Carol and King Ezekiel could come together on the television version of the series. Like Michonne’s comic story, she will also battle between her instinct to kill and that to be left alone.

The major twists happen during the time jump. Since Michonne is following Andrea’s storyline, she will grow closer to Rick. Carol, who follows the comic version of Michonne, will likely exile herself once again from the community.

This means finding a place where she can avoid killing.

Will She Find Security In Oceanside?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Despite the reluctances and violent tendencies we’ve seen from Oceanside, they are mainly a peaceful community of women. When the time jump occurs, it’s possible that this is where Carol could end up.

There, she could either lead or follow, similar as to how she’s done everywhere else. She could live off the fish that they are provided from the ocean and hide with a community, rather than alone.

As far as being out of the violence but still protected, living at Oceanside may be the best thing for Carol. She doesn’t really have that much interested in King Ezekiel, so this may be her best option.

Before this happens, however, we’ll likely see the killer side of Carol as Rick prepares to go to war with Negan.

Do you think Carol will ever find true peace?

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