You’ll Die When You Read What Is Predicted For Negan After The All Out War


Negan May Live Or He May Die…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Every true Walking Dead fan knows that the comics are not the same as the televised version. However, the key aspects usually happen, one way or another. That said, the fans are unsure what will happen to Negan after the war.

In the comic book, there are lots of casualties, but Negan isn’t one of them. In terms of story, it makes sense for the growth of Rick’s character. However, it’s hard to picture Jeffrey Dean Morgan sticking around if he’s only a prisoner.

This may be another logistics issue for the writers of the AMC versions.

“I’m A Slave To Appearances…”

Brad Pitt, Eli Roth | Photo Credit Inglorious Basterds

It’s quite possible that television viewers are hoping that Negan dies in a horrific manner. If he doesn’t, more fans could leave the show. Then again, the series could set up enough action to help fans cope with Negan as a survivor.

One parallel that could be made might be Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. In the end, Nazi Col. Hans Landa “got away,” but only after American Lt. Aldo Raine carved a swastika in his forehead (clip here).

This is the type of compromise fans might be willing to work with.

Villain’s Uncertain Future On Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Regardless, Robert Kirkman’s decision not to kill him changed the entire story. After a brutal war, Rick Grimes wanted to then create a civilized universe, which meant stopping murders all-together, warranted or not.

If he’s jailed on television, the possibility of a time jump will be even greater. The time jump helped reset the balance after a brutal war, which took countless casualties and stopped any agricultural growth or development.

If all of this plays out, we’ll likely see a time jump between Season 8 and Season 9. However, the show could still decide to kill Negan in a different way. It might even be that someone like Carl Grimes takes out Negan.

Assuming Negan lives, he’ll still be a major influener on the series whether or not he’s operating from behind a prison door.

Do you think the series will be able to save Negan?

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