[SPOILERS] Chandler Riggs Talks Carl Grimes – Negan Relationship


Chandler Riggs Hopes For Series Time Jump

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s a lot of speculation as to what might happen next on The Walking Dead. Several people think Rick Grimes will die and Carl Grimes will take over. Whatever happens next, Chandler Riggs wants to explore the big time jump.

In the comic book, after “All Out War,” Robert Kirkman’s story jumps into the future. This means a new look for Rick Grimes and a baby for Maggie. It also means that Carl Grimes ends up bonding more with Negan.

Chandler Riggs is looking forward to this bond between Negan and Carl Grimes.

Moving Past The All Out War Saga

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“After All-Out War in the comics there’s a time jump and Carl and Negan have this really cool relationship,” said actor Chandler Riggs. “If we ever get to that point in the show, that would be a lot of fun to explore.”

“The whole dynamic with the Whisperers, that’d be really cool. And in the more recent comics, Carl faced a lot of the people from the Hilltop, from it burning down… So I think literally, everything that Carl does in the comics, I am really excited for it.”

For this to happen on AMC, Rick Grimes will also need to change.

Carl Grimes And Negan On TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the comic book, Rick Grimes decides to declare law and order. Rather than kill Negan, like he’s done with everyone else, he decides to keep him prisoner. This changes Rick’s character and those who interact with Negan.

Carl Grimes and Negan have a bond that continues to grow. We saw some of this mentorship when Carl attacked the Sanctuary. In the comic book, Carl Grimes was only around 9-years-old so it was even more like a second-dad for Carl.

With Negan being held as a prisoner in Morgan’s jail cell, he has to change. He’s forced to give up his power but not his leadership. This dynamic has been tested in other realms in the past (such as Hannibal Lectar or Loki from Marvel’s Thor).

Chandler Riggs wants to see this play out and so do we.

Do you think Chandler Riggs will get to see the comic book come to life?

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