SPOILER: Here’s The Main Character Fans Are Predicting Will Die Next For One Reason…


No Character Is Safe On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There’s not a ton of security working on The Walking Dead. Every character is near death at all times. Not only are there thousands of zombies walking around, but many of the survivors are also deadly.

For some actors, it’s possible to read the comics and take a guess at when they might die. Most recently, this would include Glenn or Spencer’s death. However, there are just as many unscripted deaths, like Olivia or Abraham.

More than likely, Negan will kill again this season.

Will Rosita Be The Next To Die?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

One character that has been showing off lately is Rosita. She’s been acting out and likely feels like no one else is on her side. Negan didn’t have her killed when she shot at him, but her actions are very dangerous for herself and for the group.

In the comic, Rosita doesn’t die anytime soon in the story. However, the actress Christian Serratos has recently revealed that she is pregnant by boyfriend David Boyd. With the pregnancy and her character’s action, she may die sooner.

It’s likely Negan would consider killing Rosita if he had the chance.

Actress Christian Serratos Pregnant

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last season, Alanna Masterson (Tara) had a child and it didn’t really affect the filming schedule, but she’s also not a major player on the show. Rosita has been seen more and more in recent episodes since her plot to kill Negan.

Also, some fans of the comic will know that Rosita does get pregnant later in the comic, so perhaps the show will take that route. They could play off the fact that she and Spencer had a brief relationship before he passed away.

With Baby Judith and a Baby Rhee coming along in eight months or so, this could tie into the fact that many of the children only have one parent. Then there’s Enid who has lost both of her parents.

It’s unclear at the moment, but this could mean the end of Rosita.

Do you think Rosita will be the next to die on The Walking Dead?

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