[SPOILER] Negan’s First Victims In Season 8 Revealed…


All Out War Gears Up On AMC

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead cast and crew have already started filming Season 8 of the new season and fans are desperately looking for clues to see what Rick and the gang are up to as they begin to face Negan’s Saviors on the battlefield.

Fans are ready to see how AMC brings the “All Out War” to their television screens as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) squares off with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The graphic novel hints at three major deaths that may make it to the screen.

In Issue 118, three characters don’t make it out alive.

Shiva The Tiger Doesn’t Make It Out Alive

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Express writes:

“Both Eric Raleigh (Jordan Woods-Robinson) and Richard (Kari Makinen) are shot by Saviors while Shiva the tiger sacrifices herself to rescue King Ezekiel (Khary Payton). It’s worth noting that Richard has already been killed off by Morgan (Lennie James) in season seven but it’s likely a replacement for his death will be found.”

“The loss of Shiva would be devastating for Ezekiel after she has been by his side for the majority of time following the outbreak. And finally, if Eric were to be killed, his death would certainly have an effect on Aaron (Ross Marquand) and his decisions to assist Rick in the future.”

Dealing With More Loss, Season 8 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

If Aaron loses Eric, it will really shake him during Season 8. The same is certainly true for King Ezekiel, if he loses Shiva. The tiger is really a part of his identity so it may change his personality when she goes.

Amidst these losses, there’s lots more to happen on the show. In fact, it’s likely that more than just these three will not make it out alive, even early on in the next season. Rick and Negan are both out for blood and causalities will fall on both sides.

Do you think AMC will decide to save Shiva rather than sacrifice her?

  • Anonymous

    Please dont kill off Shiva

  • sally ireland

    Please dont kill off Shiva

  • Anonymous

    I will cry like a baby if Shiva dies.

  • Brendall Seymour

    That will upset lots of people if Shiva gets taken off the show.She is oh so very much part of TWD

  • Kathy lehneis

    Do not kill Shiva!

  • Liz

    Dont kill shiva or eric please

  • Anonymous

    save shiva….I will be sad if you kill her off….she is a good

  • Anonymous

    Plzz not shevia!

  • Barbara Lockard

    Please please please, down on my knees, DONT KILL SHEBA

  • Jana

    Save Shiva she is by far the best thing that happened on walking dead last season!

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