[SPOILER] Game of Thrones Just Created The Ultimate Zombie

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-28

Game Of Thrones, Better Than Ever

With The Walking Dead off the air for a season hiatus until October, many comic fans are catching up on Game of Thrones to get their zombie fix. That said, the HBO may have just outdone TWD for the most insane zombie thus far.

Game of Thrones | Photo Credit HBO

Last Sunday, there was a scene when Jon Snow and his men were surrounded by the white-walkers (zombies) on a frozen lake. They had made it to the center and stood on a rock, temporarily safe from the hundreds of walkers who fell through the ice.

Eventually, however, the walkers figured out they could attack one at a time and not crack the ice below.

Queen Daenerys To The Rescue

Game of Thrones | Photo Credit HBO

Meanwhile, Emilia Clarke’s character Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon Mother, decided to go help out her future ally. She arrived on a dragon and started to kill off the white-walkers by the hundreds.

Unfortunately, this eventually led to the leader of the walkers attacking her by killing one of her dragons with an ice spear. This was a major shock to the Mother of Dragons who had never seen a dragon killed before.

The real shocking moment happened next.

The Ultimate, Fire-Breathing Zombie

Game of Thrones | Photo Credit HBO

At the end of the episode, something very unexpected happened. Not only will Daenerys have to deal with the grief of losing one of her “children,” but there’s also a new enemy around the corner.

The white-walkers do not work exactly like zombies, but they are literally the walking dead. In a final scene, the white-walkers are pulling the dragon from the icy lake with these enormous chains.

In the last few seconds of the show, the leader of the white-walkers walks up to the dead dragon and places his hand on its head. Then, we see the dragon’s eyes open and they’re blue, just like the other walking dead on the series.

How do you think the heroes will ever beat this zombie dragon?

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