[SPOILER] FTWD Showrunner Reveals What May Happen With The Walking Dead Crossover


FTWD Showrunner Talks Major Deaths

Dave Erickson FTWD | Photo Credit The Wrap

After Robert Kirkman revealed there will be a TWD and FTWD Crossover, fans are dying to know how it will happen. This means dissecting the words of FTWD Showrunner Dave Erickson for potential clues.

Dave Erickson spoke about killing off yet another character. “Mercedes [Mason, who plays Ofelia] is wonderful, and Ofelia had grown a lot from when we first met her back in season 1.”

FTWD Showrunner added, “But she needed to have something of a redemptive arc in the back half of the season coming off of her association with the Nation and the poisoning of the ranchers, so she definitely does that.”

The Decision To Off Ofelia

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

By killing off Ofelia, the series created a ripple effect. The first part of the season focused on Daniel who was desperate to find his daughter. This is also similar to Chris and Travis.

However, whenever someone dies, it often means that someone else is too late to help that person. “It’s incredibly traumatic and depressing and horrible for a parent to not be there when their child needs them,” added the showrunner.

It also helps the other characters on the show grow and change.

The Heavily Predicted FTWD Crossover

Fear, The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In addition to new deaths and evolving characters, the biggest news is how and when a crossover could happen. In the undead universe, fans have been hoping for this since Fear the Walking Dead was announced.

FTWD Showrunner isn’t giving away any details, and it also looks like Robert Kirkman’s lips are sealed. If and when the shows do a crossover, it will likely involve a character who had died on one show, to arrive on another.

This theory has many fans hoping they’ll see a character that they thought was gone for good. While it’s unlikely it’ll be Abraham or Glenn, anything is possible. In fact, Abraham and Eugene’s group could arrive on FTWD.

Whatever happens next is anyone’s guess, based on the linear method of storytelling and the gap between the two shows.

Did you pick up on any clues from FTWD Showrunner?

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