Sonequa Martin-Green Was Deathly Ill While Filming The Hilltop Walker Battle


Depending on your disposition, just watching The Walking Dead can sometimes be enough to make a person sick. If you have an aversion to gore, you might find yourself with a sour stomach from time-to-time. (That’s especially true during an episode like this season’s opener, where Negan turned Glenn and Abraham’s skulls into a puddle of goo.)

Sometimes even the tension is enough to give nervous viewers an ulcer.

A Sickening Scene

Jesus and Sasha on AMCs The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

It’s one thing to get sick while watching the show, now imagine being sick while making it. Actress Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha, revealed in a new interview that she was actually sick during a recent action-packed sequence.

Early in the episode, a horde of walkers invaded the Hilltop, following an armored Gremlin blasting music. Together, Maggie, Jesus, and Sasha were able to stop the walkers and destroy the Gremlin. For Martin-Green, though, walkers were the least of her troubles.

“It was a stomach virus,” said Martin-Green. “It was so crazy! I think I was called to work in the afternoon, because it was mostly night. We had later call times that day than usual, but on the way down — my husband [The Walking Dead co-star Kenric Green] drove me — I was already feeling sick.

Right before we pulled into base camp, I had to pull off and throw up. Then I just continued to throw up every thirty minutes for the rest of the day and night.

Now That’s Dedication

Most people in that situation would probably just call in sick.

When you’re working on an expensive television project, though, you don’t always have that luxury. “It was awful, but I just dug deep and in a very weird way it almost became a personal challenge just to make it through the shooting day,” said Martin-Green.

“I didn’t want anything to be delayed. I didn’t want anything to have to be rescheduled. We work under the gun so much on the show, and so I wanted to get through it. I would throw up, and then I would announce, “I’ve got about 15 minutes before I throw up again. Now I feel OK, let’s get it done.” It was hilarious.”

The Walking Dead Family to the Rescue

Fortunately, the cast and crew had Martin-Green’s back. “They were also very generous,” she said.

“They moved some things around so that I could kind of jam-pack all of my stuff so I could be done and get out of there. Then Kenric, he swooped me to the ER. Everybody was really giving and helpful and supportive, including Tom [Payne] and Lauren [Cohen]. I think she held my back one time as the medic was holding out a bucket. They were definitely my family, as usual.”

So remember, the next time you feel ill during a particularly gruesome episode, just be grateful you didn’t have to run around killing walkers while you were ill.

Could you do what Martin-Green did to make it through her work day?

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