Sonequa Martin-Green Gives Fans A “Preview” Of What Star Trek Role


Sonequa Martin-Green As Sasha

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Last year, fans of Sonequa Martin-Green were watching her character Sasha on The Walking Dead. The character spent sixteen episodes mourning the loss of Abraham, helping out with Maggie, and quietly plotting her revenge on Negan.

In the end, she followed Rosita and made some mistakes. With Rick Grimes cowering under Negan, everyone was making their own fate. Now, Rick’s crew is back together, but Sasha was another casualty in Negan’s rule.

However, Sasha did go out on her own terms.

“Embracing Feminine And Masculine…”

Star Trek Discovery | Photo Credit Total Film

Now, Sonequa Martin-Green is working on Star Trek: Discovery. She’s playing First Officer Michael Burnham, where she’s a risk-taker and a bit of a loose cannon. The conflict between the two captains is meant to cause drama like Spock and Kirk.

“You definitely have different leadership styles,” said Sonequa Martin-Green of the new role. “You do see women in positions of leadership having to embrace only their masculine traits to garner the respect they deserve.”

“In our story, you can fully embrace the power of femininity, and lead the way,” she said to November 2017’s Total Film. “It’s the embracing of feminine and the masculine within each person.”

Star Trek Discovery Prequel To Original

Star Trek Discovery | Photo Credit CBS

The new series, Star Trek: Discovery, is different than other shows in that epic universe. It’s not the typical “planet of the week” storyline. Instead, the 15 episodes create a major story arc, so it’s like an extended movie. It’s also meant to represent modern society.

The new series takes place a decade before James T. Kirk’s mission, so it’s about a war with the Klingons. Discovery will also introduce an unknown chapter in the Klingon universe, known as the House of T’Kuvma.

Setting up the show as a prequel will allow for fans to pay attention to tributes to the other shows and series. Eventually, after they establish the setting, there will be a war that shows the Star Trek we all know and love.

Are you ready to watch Sonequa Martin-Green on Star Trek: Discovery?

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