Simon Shows His True Colors In Season 8 Premiere


Back in Season 7, despite his evil ways, it was hard not to like Simon. In many ways, he’s Negan’s right hand man. For the most part, he seemed to be mostly good, even though he lived amongst the bad.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In the Season 8 premiere, however, we see Simon take out some aggression on Gregory. Rick Grimes and company arrives with war paint, but Negan brings out Gregory to tell them Hilltop will fight with the Saviors, or else.

When his chant falls short, Simon gets angry.

Simon Gets Angry About Gregory

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I feel like I invest a lot in you,” said Simon, with a finger in Gregory’s chest. “And I am very, very disappointed,” he reiterated. As he walks towards Gregory, they close to the edge of the platform.

As they get close to what looks like the stairs, we see Gregory reach over and grab onto the railing. Despite his brace, Simon gets in his face and shows his true colors. After a yell, he pushes Gregory down the stairs.

At this point, he knows they’re about to go to war due to Gregory’s cowardice. What’s worse about all of this, however, is that Gregory didn’t get more of an injury.

Gregory Cowardice Strikes Again

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Later in the episode, Rick’s hatred for Negan gets the best of him. Not only does he stay too long shooting at a hidden Negan, but he almost dies doing it. As the walkers approach, Rick’s rage is getting the best of him.

Luckily, Father Gabriel notices what’s happening. Based on their previous conversation, he reminds Rick that this isn’t about him. At that point, Rick likely thinks about his daughter, his girlfriend, his son, and his future.

Rick Grimes gets away, but because Father Gabriel helped him, he then sees that Gregory also needs help. If anyone else had noticed this, it’s likely that Gregory would have been left for the walkers.

Deep down, Father Gabriel is not one to leave a man behind (not now anyway). When he decides to help Gregory, he gets himself in a position where Gregory can take his vehicle and leave him in the dust.

In the final moments, we see that Father Gabriel ends up in a camper with Negan.

Do you think Father Gabriel will die because he helped Gregory?


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