Simon Actor Josh Steven Ogg Talks Saviors


Steven Ogg Wants To See Simon Backstory

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Every actor on The Walking Dead wants something different out of the show. Some want for Rick Grimes to win. Others want a long, drawn-out battle with Negan. Every actor simply wants this character to survive. This includes Steven Ogg.

Simon actor Steven Ogg wants to see more of the backstory of the Saviors. It’s likely we’ll see a glimpse into the Here’s Negan comic series that discusses how Negan and Dwight met in the beginning.

Ogg also wants to see more from his character, Simon, a fan favorite.

“With Onesies In Bunk Beds…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Steven Ogg told Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to see Simon’s backstory. “Definitely his backstory. I always reference John Caroll Lynch and Lennie James, that episode where they were in the house, and it was the whole development of the martial arts.”

“It was almost like a staged production, like theatre. I’d love that. I’d also love to see Simon having a good old cry, you know? The more you can reveal these different flavors, the more of humanity we see, that’s always interesting,” said Steven Ogg.

Steven Ogg then joked he would want to see Simon in the bath, listening to Spandau Ballet and having a cry. Or, at least, “…with onesies and Negan in bunk beds.”

Does Negan Have Other Outposts?

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

The actor’s prediction of onesies sounds more like a Jimmy Fallon skin than a real scenario on the show. However, it is likely that we’ll see Negan’s background and hear more about the Saviors in general.

When the premiere airs, it’s possible we’ll also learn that there are actually way more Saviors at various outposts outside the Sanctuary. We met the first outpost, which Rick Grimes killed, and then the rest followed.

It’s possible that there are even more Saviors out in the woods. It’s likely that Negan has other outposts in the area as well. Rick Grimes may realize that there are way more enemies and more people to fight than he ever thought.

Do you think Simon and Negan have more men for Rick to fight?

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