Why TWD Show Runner Scott Gimple Might Give Negan The Spotlight


Until the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead Season 8A, fans thought they could always rely on The Walking Dead comics as some sort of navigation. But with the potential death of Carl Grimes, we’re wondering how far the show can leave the comic? Does showrunner Scott Gimple actually want Negan to be the lead?

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Since the very beginning, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been sympathetic with his character. The actor truly believes that if fans had known Negan before Rick Grimes, they would appreciate him and be loyal to him, like they are to Rick.

If that’s true, is there a way to push the show forward so the Saviors leader actually becomes one of the good guys?

Negan May Be Hidden Shapeshifter On TWD

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For lack of a better source, take the show Shameless on Showtime. All of the characters continuously shift between being mostly good to mostly bad, and vice versa (for a more mass appeal, this is also true for Loki in the Thor/Marvel films).

On The Walking Dead, however, we’ve always hated characters that switch sides. Eugene has gone evil and the actor literally gets death threats. Dwight is coming to the light, but we still don’t really trust him.

So how could the writers possibly make Negan semi-okay, much less the head good guy?

The Ongoing Fascination With The Saviors

Here’s Negan | Photo Credit Image Comics

Most fans believe that comic book creator Robert Kirkman fell in love with Negan and his fascination with the character kept him from killing off the character. Likewise, showrunner Scott Gimple loves Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s portrayal of the character on the series.

If the show is thinking long-term (and they are), then they’re likely trying to figure out a way to make Negan more present than in the comic book. After all, it’s hard to imagine Jeffrey Dean Morgan performing very long from a jail cell. Plus, Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln may also be ready to hang up his six-shooter.

Since Carl Grimes is likely no longer the replacement for Rick Grimes, they need someone to head the show. Our theory is that because of Carl Grimes’ death, Rick Grimes will decide not to kill Negan (like the comic).

But this decision will make both Rick and Negan more sympathetic characters. We’ll also need to see a little more of Negan’s backstory on screen, which will also make him more likable. 

Over time, Rick Grimes will be killed by an outsider (Whisperers, Jadis, New World Order, zombies, etc.) but Negan will somehow avenge his death and win over his people. This is super long-term, but no longer seems impossible.

Would you watch the show if they somehow made Negan the head good guy? Or, do you think Carl Grimes’ bite is a hoax (read here)?

  • Jeff King

    No, if you turn Negan good, I won’t watch anymore.

  • Brenda Lafferty-Peebles

    I don’t give many continuing series a chance because every time I start enjoying something it gets cancelled. I have watched TWD since the beginning. It’s the only show I make a point to sit down and watch, not record for later. I hated losing Glen but understood why they wanted to keep the comic fans happy. I think killing Carl was a huge mistake and will likely hurt already declining ratings. No, I wouldn’t have liked Negan if he had started the show. (But, yes, Jeffrey does an amazing job with the role.) Negan acts on offense and attacks for fun and to intimidate. Rick acts on defense and attacks to protect his people. That’s why we root for Rick. I haven’t stopped watching but I think Gimple has reached his ‘jump the shark’ moment by killing Carl and I really don’t care about the show or the characters as much as I used to.

  • Oralee Elford

    No Negan needs to die!!! You will lose a lot of your fans if you do this!!! Maggie can be the leader if Rick gets killed ,but I hope Rick Grimes stays!!!

  • DemocratsRFubar

    Neegan brutally murdered Abe and Glenn (and a whole lot of other folks as well) – absolutely nothing writers can do to redeem him in my eyes. He is a buffoon and a chicken, not a real leader. We know the difference between a hero and a jacka$$ writers.

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