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Secrets Hidden Within “The Walking Dead” Season 7 Trailer With Greg Nicotero

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-26


Have you watched the new trailer for season seven of The Walking Dead? It’s here and it is full of all sorts of ideas and speculations as to what’s in store for the cast of The Walking Dead.

After watching the trailer, an interview with Greg Nicotero and reading some content, here are some key elements you may have missed. To say the least, the trailer had me tensed up, it was epic and I’m pumped to watch the new season when it airs on October 23rd. Just make sure to read this entire article so you won’t miss out on anything coming up in the new season.

The trailer offers a ton of new ideas of what’s to come. New worlds, new landscapes and really what’s going on out there in the land of The Walking Dead. There’s Alexandria and the Kingdom, the new places and the location of Tera and Heath, wherever that may be. You also see some great shots of the Sanctuary. The excitement of new areas and new possibilities of what’s to come is very real and very in depth in the trailer.

So from what Greg said in the interview, I guess the trailer refers to the comic a bit. I haven’t read it so this is only going off what Greg has said. When you watch the trailer, you’ll notice “walkers” staked and chained outside of the chain link fence. (This is during the second shot by the way).

It clearly dictates the cast of The Walking Dead is outside of the Sanctuary– wooden spikes and all. It’s pretty gruesome and exactly what we love about the show. I mean, what’s cooler than using “walkers” chained up all over the place as a deterrent and defensive strategy against whoever decides they want a piece of the action. Oh, and by the way, apparently in the comics they make it clear that “walkers” are chained outside of the sanctuary for defense. Just a little Walking Dead trivia for you.

Carol is also in the trailer with a big, bad burn on her face and unhealed gunshot wound if you pay attention. I guess what this means is she still hasn’t made it to a safe place yet. This is at the beginning of the trailer, later we see her with her wounds cleaned up and bandaged which means she is safe. As if she needs any help.

Pay attention to the other shots and you’ll notice the cast of The Walking Dead in the background of the shot. Ezekiel and Morgan are ready for the kill it looks like, now I’m just wondering who is the Zombie going after in the car.

One last clue as to the location, is the “walker” at the end of the trailer. Just before Negan comes up knocking, you see a “walker” with a chain and spike driven through him. This is just another teaser of what’s to come in season seven of The Walking Dead.

I’m excited, what about you? Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below and stayed plugged in for more content.

*Editor’s Note: The post was edited on September 19, 2016, for accuracy.

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