What Scott Gimple Confessed About Season 9 Makes Us Want To Fast Forward Season 8


Scott Gimple Talks The Future Of TWD

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere is still a few weeks away, but Scott Gimple is already discussing Season 9. He believes that most fans have a general idea for Season 8 so he’s talking the future of the show.

Fans anticipate battles, war, and more in the “All Out War” series. Since Season 7 was slow, Season 8 will be action-packed. Hopefully, Season 9 will be somewhere in the middle or more on the action side.

Scott Gimple believes these two seasons will set the stage for the next 100 episodes of the show.

Season 9 Will Be “Very, Very Different”

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

Scott Gimple sat down with Comic Book, “We knew things were very much…people were about as apart as they’ve ever been on the show, and we had all these concentrated episodes.”

“A great deal of the reason we were doing that, the thing that was driving that, was that we knew this season everybody would be more mixed up and that there would be less of that,” confirmed Scott Gimple.

As for Season 9, everything is going to be “very, very different.”

Rick Grimes In Season 9 And Beyond

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

This could mean anything for the series, but fans are expecting to see the Whisperers. In addition to this new enemy, Rick Grimes is going to change the way he works, thinks, and acts as a survivor.

If the show follows the comic, Rick Grimes will make the major decision not to kill Negan. Instead, he’ll use Morgan’s jail to keep him hostage. This will show major growth as a character, even though it’s hard to imagine at this point.

The future of the series will likely focus on civilization as a whole. Perhaps this is what Scott Gimple has in mind. If Rick chooses to be the bigger man, he’s doing so the future and for his children.

What do you think Scott Gimple meant by the show being “very different?”

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